What To Do When You want to Reject the Figgy Pudding…and Other Holiday Etiquette Suggestions



With the holiday season fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to do a quick refresher on social and business etiquette tips for the holiday party. Building a personal brand is NOT just about fashion and looking good. It is about allowing others to see your unique value and so much more.  Don’t be caught off guard this season with a faux paux that could sabotage your success.

Holiday Tips

Engage in positive, polite conversation. Refrain from negative comments, stick to positive topics.

Ditch the smartphone. Give your undivided attention to your host and guests.

Keep your social media posts in check.  Ask your host for permission to post.

Wear appropriate attire.  Know before you go whether it is a cocktail party or full out dinner party – it shows respect.

Never bring an extra guest without consulting first with your host.

One drink please! Too much alcohol has caused many individuals embarrassment.

Bring gifts.  A simple thank you gift to your host/hostess is always appreciated.

Send handwritten thank you notes.

Give the gift of style, confidence and time. A gift certificate for personal shopping, closet evaluation, color analysis and/or make over is the gift that keeps on giving!

Not enough hours in your day to do everything? This holiday season, let me help YOU with your shopping.  You provide the names, requests, budget – I will do all the work.

Contact me directly to arrange your holiday gift giving needs. 

Happy Thanksgiving – I am grateful for all of you!