What message are YOU sending?

Have you ever sent a pocket call? You know where your smart phone accidentally gets bumped in the bottom of your purse and redials the last person you spoke to on the phone?  Suddenly you are on speaker phone and you don’t even know it.  Yikes!  This has happened repeatedly to a family member at the worst possible times (think bathroom) – but it brings to mind how instant our communication has become in today’s world.
What message are you sending?
Communication today happens in a flash with a touch of a button – in the blink of an eye.  Technology has made it possible via smartphones to retrieve our email, text and phone messages without face to face contact. Unfortunately the translation of our message can get lost or not accurately reflect our intent.  It is important to remember that all communication should be an extension of our personal brand.
What’s the quality or tone of your communication?
Ever receive an email that you don’t really understand?  Without body language cues or voice inflection, you don’t know how to interpret it.  Remember when using email communication it’s critical to be aware of the quality or tone you are using – analyze the potential for your words to be misread.  For example, you might have meant to offer a suggestion to an associate but they took it as a criticism.
How do you communicate your personal brand?
In your email, text messages and verbal conversations do you consistently use a formal, respectful, warm and genuine style? Or can it be interpreted as a hurried, negative, harsh or urgent tone? We all have communication essence.  Could you tweak your style to communicate in a way that is more supportive and sounds more optimistic? If you can be objective in analyzing your style, you can improve the quality of your brand messages.
What is your brand of communication?
Ask yourself  and/or a trusted friend honest feedback about how you communicate.  You may discover that your communication is being perceived differently than you intend for it to be.  Here are a few common personal brand communication styles that may help you categorize the defining characteristics of your written words.

Matter of fact
I challenge you this week to think twice before leaving phone messages, texting or emailing.  Pause before sending personal brand messages – is it truly conveying your brand to the business world?
I look forward to your thoughts & feedback.
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