Shhhhh! What are people saying behind your back?


The calendar says September 1st which means the kids are back in school (Yeah!), the nights will be getting cooler, fall colors will be appearing and life should get back to a normal pace.

As we transition our wardrobes into fall, I thought I would share a recent discussion about how things are seen in the corporate world in relationship to your career path.

No surprise at this point you are aware that we are judged daily & taking steps to ensure a great verdict is essential. Evaluating your behavior and appearance is directly related to what people infer from you. The following thoughts are excerpt from “Executive Image Consulting”.

The Consequences of an Unprofessional Imprint:

  1. Disrespect from others. Fellow co-workers or your boss might think you are clueless or start joking about your inappropriate attire or behavior. Is it fair? No. Can it happen? Yes
  2. Distraction from your work. If others are staring at you because of your weird appearance or inappropriate behavior, they are paying less attention to your work.
  3. Losing Clients. Clients want to work with professional, trustworthy and reliable people. They will take their business elsewhere.
  4. Missing Opportunities. The job you didn’t get, even if you performed a fantastic interview. The promotion you didn’t get, even if you would have been the best person for the position. The boost in pay you didn’t get, even if you deserved it. Did you ever consider it has something to do with your appearance? Are you representing the best ambassador for the company?
  5. Becoming a loner. It’s a team sport. Like it or not, every corporate environment is like a sports team. You are one of them. Make sure you don’t become a loner just because you don’t take care of yourself.

Valuable clients and revenues may fly out the window only because someone on the team made a terrible or less than good first impression. The slightest disheveled look can cost the entire team highly valued clients. A domino effect can be a positive lucrative one with the correct equation, but if one piece of the formula is incorrect the domino effect can go in a bad direction for yourself, your career, your team, your company.

Simply put, you look better – you feel better, and present yourself as such. This is not about fashion, this is about image- What image am I sending out to the world? It is about communicating in a way that presents your message in an articulate and professional manner. Your image is not what people tell you about you. It’s what they say behind your back.

If you are curious about making a change, entertaining thoughts about managing the perception of others, please contact Shelley today for a complimentary consultation.