Overcoming Analysis Paralysis!

In the complex world that I live in, analysis paralysis can set in about .2 seconds of a shopping venture, having an expert to simplify the process is life-saving.  After hiring Shelley, I tried to buy a key piece of my wardrobe without her and it took well over an hour as I wore down the sales associate and myself into to just buying something for some sense of accomplishment.  That experience gave her permanent job security.  She takes the anxiety out of shopping with all of the pieces being completely laid out for me in the dressing room prior to me arriving so I can skip to the fun part of just trying the clothes on.  What the process has shown me is first hand how important it is to make a first impression.  I grew up with not a lot of resources so I carried that into my adulthood by trying to minimize my wardrobe from a cost perspective.  Now when I walk in a room I am looking for that wow factor because she has made me accustomed to getting it.  I have compliments from people that have seen my transformation and it brings the importance of that first impression to the next level. - Molly Grubb Weealth Manager & CCO