Just Do ONE Thing!

Happy New Year!
It has been several months since you have heard from me – unfortunately major life events –knee replacement surgery, Mom’s passing- disrupted my life.  We are back on track in 2017!

Just do ONE thing.  
I have never been a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions. It always seemed pointless to have all these big goals knowing in your heart of hearts – it was unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, setting goals are important and have a place in our lives but they need to be within our reach.

If it is one thing I have learned, it’s managing your expectations. So just do ONE thing differently or in addition to your normal life. Perhaps it is just adding ONE walk around the block first thing each morning. Or limiting yourself to ONE glass of wine each night, or ONE sweet treat each day. It could even be donating ONE hour of your time to volunteer. 

The point is simply to make a small difference in your life. Most importantly whatever you do, be sure to do it consistently for 21 days – It will then become a part of your new “normal”. Last but not least – please share with me what it is you are doing and I will become your accountability partner. Plus it is always more fun to share what you are doing differently – don’t keep it to yourself!