Happy Valentine's Day!

First an apology – you have not heard from me for several months because I am finalizing my first book. Yeah! Who knew it took so much time, effort and sweat equity? Please stay tuned for more exciting details to follow.

Unlock your passion, and make killer presentations!
Passion – what you care about most – is the core of authenticity.  It’s the real deal and you have it.   Somewhere under all the fear of public speaking, nasty restrictions -there’s a rock star inside of you. So whether you are in a small group situation or facing a large audience – you want to know where presentation power comes from? Passion.

So tapping into your inner resources is your secret.  We are not asking you to be a plastic version of you or someone else. Get rid of your fear of mistakes and dig into your personal power.

To make a killer presentation:

  • Learn to tell a good story: frame your own in a compelling way, it’s a mix of data and narrative. 
  • Tell about a problem and show how to solve it.
  • Have a strong professional presence: biggest mistake – moving your body too much. Standing still and using hand gestures for emphasis is the most effective.
  • Make direct eye contact. Pick a few people in your group/audience that you pretend are friends.
  • Posture, standing tall not only gives you confidence but projects your voice.

When you are able to develop an emotional connection with your audience/group, they will understand that you care.  You are not just spouting information but making a difference in their lives. That’s a great feeling.
Unsure of how to tap into your passion? Private coaching may be the key to continue your journey to success.  We can hone your skills and cultivate your professional presence.  Contact Shelley today for your complimentary coaching appointment.