Don’t Take a Vacation from Professionalism

 It’s summer and sizzling – no matter who you are we struggle to wear something that is comfortable, attractive, and work appropriate.  No matter how high the temperature rises, the right business clothes still make a strong statement in the workplace. 

At this time of the year, I am ALWAYS asked to spend time on this issue. The debates rage on about socks or no socks.  Covered tattoes/or not.  So to keep it simple and for those that care if their image is sending the right message, I offer the  following thoughts.

Do your due-diligence.  If you have not received a memo from HR about summer attire, consider emailing them or your boss to get clear guidelines.

No flip-flops: These shoes are great for the pool but not for work. Crocs and those “FiveFinger” barefoot shoes are still not considered a way to put your best foot forward.

Appropriate hemlines: Ladies, it does not matter what is in the fashion magazines- hems should be knee-length.

Add some color – leave black for winter and brighten up your wardrobe with more color (did you know that bright colors indicate that you are happy?)

Think layers – when the AC is blasting, have a jacket or cardigan (not your grandmother’s sweater) to add on & still look great.

Watch out for lighter fabric – Light fabric may feel better but it can wrinkle easily and sometimes can be see-through.  Polyester tends to be warm.  The best fabric is actually a light wool blend.

Sleeveless? The straps of your shirt should always be an appropriate width. Never spaghetti straps.

Stay polished – It’s easier said than done when it’s hot & muggy but remember you’re going to work so you should always be tidy.

Whether you intend to or not, every day when you dress, you’re always making a statement.  Statistics show that your physical visual is 55% of your overall communication.  We all tend to relax more in the summer but that’s not a green light to wear whatever you want at work.

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