Does Your Workspace Reflect the Image You Want?

A big ‘thank you” for all those that celebrated and supported my book launch to benefit Dress for Success. It was a delightful evening filled with good friends and family. “New You: Discover the Best Version of You” now available for purchase on Amazon or on my website.

With the advent of spring, conversations around workplace incivility have “sprung” up. Management is noticing a trend around office space and issues that present themselves. So today we will focus specifically on:

Your workspace: a messy desk is not a sign of a brilliant mind.

Ok, disclaimer first, this is not about whether a messy desk indicates creativity or not. It is not about whether psychologists think working in chaos has its advantages or whether an orderly environment at work can produce good habits. This conversation is about how our behavior at work effects the bottom line. Being a good neighbor in our work space means:

  • Attend to personal needs in private. (You may think no one sees you picking the food out of your teeth but think again.)
  • Take personal phone calls in private. (Voices travel farther than you think.)
  • If you eat in your space, no offensive odors. (Forego the fish from last night's dinner.)
  • Don’t “hover” over some else’s space. (Just because you're there doesn’t mean it is a good time.)
  • Don’t take items that don’t belong to you. (We used to call that office theft.)
  • Respect personal boundaries. (We are working in closer quarters today. More than ever before, it's sometimes no cubicle just an open desk, so remember to not “expand” into other's area.)

So to foster goodwill and success with your peers, be a conscientious good neighbor. It doesn’t hurt to greet your co-workers with a smile or extend a “please & thank you’ in the course of your busy day.
“Remember upon the conduct of each, depends the fate of all” ~ Alexander Great
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