Baby It's Hot Out There!

Summer has arrived with high humidity and soaring temperatures, so I thought it would be a good time to review basic guidelines for professional business attire.

Every workplace has different dress code expectations but there are general rules of thumb that all employees should follow. Here are a few suggestions to keep your career on track and look professional and appropriate in the workplace.

  1. Achieve a more relaxed look in the summer by wearing lighter fabrics like cotton in creams and khakis.
  2. Don’t go too casual: shorts are never appropriate for the office as they look too laid back. Stay away from tank tops-if it looks like you are going to the beach, you don’t belong in the office.
  3. Do dress up: Summer dresses are flattering to women and keep you cool on sticky days. Choose light or bright colors and soft patterns.
  4. Don’t Under-Dress: Avoid spaghetti straps & strapless dresses (those that reveal too much skin). Be careful with your fabric choices too – not see through. Be sure bra straps are tucked in. This is a major distraction & makes you come off as messy and scattered.
  5. Remove sunglasses once you're indoors. Ladies -they are not a head band.
  6. Un-tucked shirts, jerseys or anything else that looks like you are going to a bar – biggest summer attire faux pas for men.
  7. Don’t bare it all: open backs, plunging necklines, rising hems are always inappropriate at work.
  8. Have fun with shoes: wedges & chunky heels are in this season. Open-toed shoes are acceptable as long as your feet are clean and manicured. Flip flops are NEVER appropriate for the office.
  9. Do accessorize: one of the best and affordable ways to brighten & update your wardrobe
  10. When in doubt, don’t. If you think a piece of clothing could be inappropriate for the office it probably is.

Dressing for your career is important no matter what the temperature is. It's always important to look professional and appropriate in the workplace.

Inappropriate summer attire can be distractful, and can affect productivity and customer service. Be polished; warmer weather is not an excuse to dress like a slob.

Not sure how to handle your company dress code? Need help grooming and transforming your staff into your company's best ambassadors? Call Shelley today!