“A smile is a facelift that’s in everyone’s price range."


Happy Summer!

Hope you are enjoying the warm weather and making time for family, friends and a little R & R. Summer is a wonderful excuse to perhaps a slow down a little bit - assess your goals, life purpose and be introspective. 

Many times in working with my clients we are so eager to transform the whole “head-to-toe” image that we forget some of the basics at our fingertips.

Having a great smile is an inexpensive way to change your appearance. Many people think that weight loss or botox is the answer to an improvement in appearance, but that’s not all there is.  If you think that your smile is not what it should be then visit your dentist to discuss how a smile can change your life. There are many inexpensive dental procedures that can add a glow to your face. You may not realize that it only needs a great smile to change how people view you.

Crooked, stained or cracked teeth can turn people away from you. Improving the appearance of your teeth can draw them back. The most cost effective dental procedure on the market is in-office whitening when the dentist uses specially approved products placed on your teeth that bring about almost instant changes to your teeth. Just overnight, those newly whitened teeth will project your facial appearance far and wide and it will not cost you an arm or a leg either.

Smiling not only affects your brain but also your body.  Each time you smile you throw a feel good party in your brain (the act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health).  You are actually better looking when you smile. When you smile people treat you differently. You’re viewed as attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere.

It doesn’t cost you anything so SMILE.

Just the act of smiling is contagious-so I challenge you to make someone’s day brighter – just SMILE. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”. Thich Nhat Hanh

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