A cluttered desk is not the sign of a brilliant mind.

march blog

The calendar says March so hopefully spring is right around the corner. March brings spring showers, the luck of the Irish and an opportunity to declutter your space (many believe that by decluttering your space – you permit new ideas and opportunities to enter).

We get so caught up in our day-to-day activities: job, home, kids, after hours events – that we do not take the time to re-organize and sanitize our spaces.

So let’s start at work, it’s not just decluttering our desk but being respectful and professional too.

Secrets to office professionalism:

Refrain from gossip: If you are interested in developing meaningful, trusting relationships, then steer clear of office gossip.  Getting caught up in petty gossip makes you look unprofessional and two-faced. Walk away and take the high road.

Never, ever talk about salary: Salary is a taboo topic that shouldn’t be discussed with anyone but HR and your boss.

Act professional at all times: This includes cyper professionalism-never, ever Facebook or tweet negative things about work or anyone from work.

Save social networking for home: There’s a time and place to get on Facebook but it’s not at your work desk. Even if your company does not restrict use of these sites, you shouldn’t abuse this privilege.

Mind your manners: This goes beyond saying please and thank you. It includes giving your undivided attention during meetings, answering emails promptly, respecting others time. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself.

Look the part: You should always strive to look professional. Pay attention to detail, a stained shirt, scoffed/soiled shoes all say you don’t care about your personal brand.

Perfect your communication skills and style: This is the cornerstone of professionalism-speaking and listening abilities, an aptitude for asking good questions and clear communication.

Your cubicle DOES reflect you. We want you to be authentic, professional and YOU!

Wishing you a sunny and successful spring!

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