In this competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd, attract your target audience and increase your professional presence. Today managing your image and promoting yourself as an individual are two key strategies professionals are using to make more sales, gain the next promotion or just stand out from the crowd.


Impact Your Image:
The ABCs of Image Management

Image has an undeniable impact on your company’s success.  As individuals serve as ambassadors for your business, their appearance, behavior and communication, even on casual workdays is crucial. The topics covered include: dressing for a corporate environment, attitude of professionalism, enhanced communication.

Within each part are the specific areas to grow:

  • Appearance – attire, grooming, body language
  • Behavior – business etiquette, social etiquette, networking
  • Communication – verbal, nonverbal, self-promotion

Business Etiquette for the Professional:

How to Greet, Eat and Tweet Your Way to Success

The goal of this program is to educate individuals on the benefits of corporate protocol in an ever changing, highly competitive environment.  Being perceived in a positive way can affect the outcome of any personal interaction to your advantage including sales situations, negotiations, management functions and career advancement. The cost of bad behavior in the corporate world can damage your business. 

Topics covered:

  • Office protocol: cell phone, email, voice mail, social media
  • Client lunches/dinners

Power Networking:

Learn to Enter Like an Ambassador

How to make an impact from the moment you walk into a room.  This is a great program for people who are responsible for cultivating contacts and reinforcing business relationships.

Topics covered:

  • Small talk –break the ice, establish a connection
  • How to project confidence and grace (even if you are shaking in your shoes)
  • Introductions done right and the art of exchanging business cards
  • The art of jugging food, drink
  • Take the anxiety and fear out of attending business events. Be prepared for success at your next event.
  • Understanding how to network confidently will help your business grow.

Executive Presence: The “IT” Factor:

Executive presence is the ability to project confidence, poise under pressure and decisiveness. The “it” factor includes speaking skills, assertiveness and appearance. Whether you’re currently in the C-suite or not, learn the skills to advance your career and achieve success today.

Be polished, poised and prepared.


Discover the Best You:

Building Blocks to Create Your Identity

In today’s market, emerging women leaders often talk about creating a leadership identity.  What is it? How do I create it? What does it mean to my leadership path and career? What you will learn: unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers.

  • Basic building blocks to create your identity
  • Powerful body language for confident elegant women
  • Speak up: strategies to make your voice heard
  • Wardrobe mistakes by women
  • Silence your inner critic to boost your self-esteem and discover a simple plan to become the best version of you.

Seminars, Workshops, & Private Coaching

Our seminars and workshops focus on creating balanced, confident individuals in the workplace. Training is tailored to meet each company’s unique needs, mixing-and-matching topics such as:

  • The Essentials of Business Etiquette
  • Personal Branding & Reputation Management
  • Executive Presence: The “It” Factor
  • Presentation & Networking Skills
  • Great Customer Service

In addition to group training, we can also help individuals align their outer image with their professional goals. Private coaching helps people feel confident, dress for success, and even increase income.

  • Style Assessment
  • Closet Audit & Evaluation
  • Cosmetic & Accessory Consultation
  • Color Analysis
  • Personal Shopping

ShelleyShelley Menduni
Founder and CEO,
Professional Imagery

With over 25 years experience, Professional Imagery’s Shelley Menduni provides clients with a competitive edge. As a speaker, a teacher, and a coach, Shelley’s dynamic and direct approach makes a difference. Working with people step-by-step, Shelley shares practical information that empowers people of all demographics to create their image with polish and style. She has a passion for helping people look their best, feel confident, and succeed.

Shelley brings enthusiasm, high-energy, and years of “in the trenches” experience to her speaking engagements, training, and consultations. In addition to assisting individuals, she also guides large audiences to achieve professional presence, learn strategies for increasing customer loyalty, leadership skills, and overcome incivility in the workplace.