Individual Services

Professional Imagery is your complete head-to-toe image consulting company. We help you reinvent or revamp your style through one-on-one consultation and coaching to enable you to project a more professional presence. Using the following steps, you will become more confident and comfortable in your professional and social situations.


Initial Consultation

To lay a foundation to help buildup your self-confidence, we help determine what style best reflects your personality. We gently and respectfully guide individuals to recognize styles that flatter and energize.

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Style Assessment

We analyze which colors flatter your skin tone and hair color, then using this color palette to begin strategically building a wardrobe that always makes you look your best. From here, we help you choose professional clothing and accessories that fit and flatter and reflects the true you. We determine your fashion personality, how you can mix and match separates, how to adjust your wardrobe to match the seasons, and more.

Hair Styles, Accessories, Grooming, and Makeup

It’s important that you wear complimentary clothing and accessories, but it is equally important that your entire look is cohesive. We help our clients pick the right hairstyle and glasses to flatter your features and we provide grooming tips to keep you looking sharp.

For women, we help choose makeup that matches your color palette and accentuates your features without covering them up.  We also teach proper makeup application and advise clients on what kind of products they should buy.


Closet Audit & Evaluation

Buying brand new clothing is not always necessary for our clients, in fact “shopping your closet” can be one of the easiest ways to revamp your style. First, we help you determine what actually fits and compliments, purging items that do not work and re-working others to fit your new style. This exercise gives you peace from previous clutter and will leave you with an organized closet you can easily navigate on a daily basis.

Personal Shopping

Using cost-effective shopping techniques that always meet your budget, we will help you grow a wardrobe full of variety, comfort, and style. We initially focus on building your professional wear and then we help with casual and evening wear. We can accompany you on a shopping trip or if you're not much of a shopper, we can bring a coordinated selection to your office or home.


In addition to helping clients update their wardrobes and feel confident about their appearance, we offer individualized coaching services. One of our most popular coaching services is our presentation and public speaking training. In order to captivate your audience and for others to believe what you're saying, you must project yourself as knowledgeable and confident and we will help you do just that. Learn more about this service...

What People are Saying About Professional Imagery

Shelley Menduni working with a client on his personal image makeover"I highly recommend Shelley for professional image consulting. I dread shopping for business clothing and have always had trouble coordinating colors and styles. But with Shelley's direction, in less than two hours, I have an entirely new wardrobe. Suits, jackets, pants, shirts, ties, everything color coordinating and interchangeable. And best of all, she knows the best sales and discounts so I stayed below my clothing budget. Shelley is a professional and put outfits together for me quickly and in a way I could never have done for myself. Thank you, Shelley!"

-Jack Higgins

"After Shelley came out and spoke to our focus group about the importance of image and how it sells I decided to make a few changes in my look to see first hand how it works. I would dress professionally before but I decided to add color this time. The change I made was adding a jacket to my current shirt and tie. The response was amazing. The first place I visited was of course my local Starbucks just to get my morning coffee. Normally I just go in and get my coffee and go but this time I was waiting on my coffee and the barista looked up and said, 'I really like your suit you look great!' She then followed up and and asked what is it that I do. I replied , 'I am a financial advisor with Thrivent Financial.' She wished me a good day and said next time I am in she may want to talk to me about her finances. At work where was 3 different occasions my coworkers complimented how I was dressed. Then I had three appointments that day and was able to make three different financial plans for my clients. Because of my new attitude about clothing I feel more confident and am closing more sales. I can't tell you how much of an impact Shelley's conversation has meant for me not only now but will carrying forward the rest of my life. Who knew I only had to change a few things to bring all this together. I will tell everyone I know about Professional Imagery's services and recommend you to them. I appreciate everything Shelley has done."

-Christopher Hockman, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

"Shelley advised me on colors best for me. Most important, she 'shopped' my closet, helping me to weed out those things that were not flattering, or worn, or otherwise unsuitable. She helped me create a wardrobe for my new profession. With her image help, I feel and look professional, fun, and quirky...all attributes that fit with my branding.

"I had a wonderful experience getting my colors analyzed and having a make up consultation. But I must say, I was skeptical about what Shelley could do with my very limited wardrobe. I had retired from the professional world about 10 years ago and my suits and other business clothes were gone. What I did have was a mish mash of worn out garments and many items that didn't fit or were outmoded (in my mind).

"I swore that Shelley would have a hard time filling up the 2 hour closet consultation time. Guess what? She did. The most important thing was her giving me "permission" to get rid of things that were not best for me--those items that were not in my color palette, and things that were and that I loved but were just too worn to wear anymore. In spite of the fact that I ended up with a huge bag full of discarded clothes, Shelley put together outfits from existing things so that I still have things to wear without a bulging closet. Now I have a plan for filling out my lean and mean and beautiful wardrobe."

-Sheila Campbell

"Following an excellent presentation, I met with Shelley regarding updating my business wardrobe. My shopping trip with Shelley was one of the most successful I have ever had. We hit a big sale. That along with her knowledge of discounts, and some great luck, allowed me to purchase more than I expected for well under my budget. I feel more comfortable knowing my clothes are stylish and fit properly. I highly recommend Shelley for anyone who has not updated their wardrobe in a while or would like some assistance in picking great combinations."

-Mitchell Gross

"Shelley is exceptionally professional and dedicated to everything she does, from helping clients reach their personal best to running her business and volunteering for organizations. She is very knowledgeable about personal presentation, and truly understands its power and role in helping you achieve your business or career goals. Shelley can help you make the impression or impact that you are looking for while still feeling like yourself. Or just look like who you already are, making sure the outside matches what's on the inside. She is genuine, caring and brings a high level of expertise to each interaction. Truly a joy to work with."

-Kristen Harris, Portfolio Creative

"As Program Director for NAPO-Ohio, I am always looking for a professional speaker who is dynamic and knowledgeable in his or her field--Shelley Menduni is exactly that! Her recent presentation to our organization was up-to-date and relevant to our membership. I was very impressed with how much valuable information she packed into such a short amount of time. If you have the opportunity to hear Shelley speak, do it--you will not be disappointed.”

-Tiffany deSilva, NAPO-Ohio