Corporate Services

Your employees’ attitude, behavior, and appearance are a direct reflection of your business and its culture. To ensure your staff is serving as capable, confident ambassadors of your company, Professional Imagery can teach your team how to build a strong professional presence and upgrade their communication skills.

Professional Imagery can help your company:

  • Provide valuable training to help your employees project a professional image
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships and build new ones through improved customer experience and communication
  • Increase your staff's self-confidence and motivate them to achieve more through personal development and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen your bottom line through improved productivity and high customer satisfaction
  • Develop an industry-appropriate dress code requirement
  • Design and implement a complete image package to ensure companies and their staff are consistently using the brand

We work with corporations, small businesses, and organizations to provide completely customized workshops, classes, and speaking engagements to help companies give their employees the tools they need to put their best image forward.

Shelley's worked with Turner Construction, Norman, Jones, Enlow, the Ohio Bureau of Worker's compensation, and Right Management to name a few.

Professional Imagery's services include:

  • Individual image and style coaching (see more here)
  • Professional presence and personal branding training
  • Innovative communication techniques (nonverbal/verbal communication and interpersonal skills)
  • Business etiquette (for business meals, inner-office relationships, communication etiquette, etc.)

Shelley Menduni discuss image, style, and personal branding with a corporate client

Click here to learn more about our standard workshops available for your company or organization.

A veteran image consultant and coach for more than 25 years, Shelley Menduni tailors all training sessions and speeches to meet the needs of your organization and can accommodate groups of all sizes. Our training programs designed for unisex audiences but can be adapted for a specific gender.

Successful businesses spend an endless amount of time developing a high value image for their products and services, Now it’s time to take it one step further and invest in the image of their most important asset – their employees. Contact Shelley today to learn more about how Professional Imagery can help improve your bottom line!